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DSC 0053From 14 to 17 September in the International exhibition of gifts and products for home ProMaisonShow held intensive business program, in the course of which were held open workshops, lectures, presentations, shows and workshops.

Dayly on the central podium take place presentations, master classes and show demonstrations. An important event of the exhibition was the presentation of the joint collection of home textiles Provence # AndreTAN: "Beloved" and "Dacha.Kitchen". During the presentation of successful Ukrainian designer Andre Tan shared with the audience the history of the creation of the collections, about the main color schemes prevalent in the collections, as well as plans for the future together with TM Provence. For lovers of the beautiful table setting, director of Villa Grazia salon Natalia Nazarova has demonstrated skill Serving dinner table and told what dishes is best suited for home and why.
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Connoisseurs of art and crafts expected no less intense program. So, ceramist Olga Lagoda uncovered pottery painting techniques before firing, told how to mix colors and make prints on clay. Maxim Denisenko held a master class "The paintings in the interior - a color therapy." At the first visitors were able to see the works of the young talented artist and find out how it affects the color on the attitude and mood of the person. The cycle of events during the exhibition held by the European School of Design faculty. So, designer, artist, illustrator, photographer Natalia Bug auditeriey shared  the secrets of the development of creative thinking. Olga Terefeeva  told about Loft style and how to choose the right lighting. Catherine Rosit demonstrated the creation of metal decoration techniques and subtleties in the application and use of felt in contemporary design shared Specialist of Felt Sergey Biryukov.
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Do not leave indifferent the event visitors floristic art. For example, a florist  Nikolai Agop held a master class on creating creative autumn floral compositions, which excelled in a variety of colors and shades, which gives us the autumn, and also talked about the latest trends in floral and seasonal combinations of various colors. Creating floral object in a form-linear style demonstrated master florist Natalia Ageeva. The technique of manufacturing autumn decor flowers from scrap vegetables, fruits and plants demonstrated Lavrenyuk Love. Florists flower holding UFL shared secrets of a festive composition with autumnal mood and florist Irina Tatar told, six floral stories about how to surprise and please the family. Floral designers Natalia Ivaschenko-Dzhuvago together with the design group "Ukrainian coloring" had a floral display on the theme: "Forest Fairy Tale". At the show it was presented models with vivid images and colors of accessories and decor, and add an image from the wedding dress salon Elen Mary and make-up, hairstyle from Anna Paly.

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Company "Parus Expo Media" expresses its gratitude to all participants and visitors of the business program events.

See you soon!

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