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About magazine PROMaison

ProMaison_1_2013_all-1PROMaison Magazine is a professional, informational and analytical B2B-issue about tendencies, achievements and perspectives of development of the Ukrainian gifts, tableware, décor, interior items and design market in Ukraine. On the magazine pages you can find the latest news of the market, view the surveys and analytical materials, statistics, innovations, expert outlooks, comments, practical recommendations.

PROMaison’sPhilosophy – exclusiveness of the materials, competence of analytics and statistics, trustworthiness and relevance of information.

PROMaison’s goals:

  • promotion of the development and discovery of the problems of Ukrainian gifts, tableware, décor, design and interior items market;
  • guidance to the latest tendencies and perspectives of all the market segments forming;
  • incorporation of all the market in professional business-associations with intent to share experience and practical skills;
  • due to companies’ participation in exhibitions and business missions to encourage the promotion of Ukrainian manufacturers, increasing their competitiveness with the foreign companies and finding new markets for the production.


New Products. Companies and Markets. Business. Workshop. Philosophy. Expert. Trends. Events.

PROMaison is addressed to:

  • producers, suppliers and distributors of gifts, tableware, design and décor items;
  • representatives of retail nets and specialized shops;
  • owners and directors of design, décor and interior salons;
  • internet shops of gifts, tableware, décor and interior items;
  • designers, decorators and florists;
  • professional associations.

Founder and publisher: Parus Expo Media, LTD.
Periodicity: every quarter (4 times per year)
Format: 210х297 mm
Language: Russian
Edition: 3000 copies

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