PROMAISON №1 (2019)

Dear readers!

We bring to your attention the number of the information and analytical publication PROMaison No. 1 (2019).

Read in this issue:

– Light industry. Conversation with Tatyana Izovit, President and Chairman of the Board of the Ukrlegprom Association.
– The correct guidelines. VLADI Commercial Director on how striving for high Western standards can change the realities of the Ukrainian market.
– Products for sleep. Interview with Taras Balak, CEO of Balakkom.
– What is my utopia? Textile trends formulated at the largest world exhibition Heimtextil (Frankfurt).
– The second life of the product. Types and examples of “sustainable thinking” in the field of home textiles.
– Textiles in the interior. The story of the interior designer Alexandrina Lukacs about textiles, as an important tool for transforming living space.
– Hemp textiles. Interview with the founder of the brand DevoHome, who was at the forefront of the fashion trend due to her intuition.
– Interior for textiles. Conversation with Oksana Motornaya about the features of the organization of space and decoration of showrooms of home textiles.
– Email marketing – strategy and practice. We answer the question of how to sell more without a sales department and advertising costs.
– YouTube for business. Why you should develop your YouTube channel if you produce and sell home textiles.
– ProMaisonShow. February 2019. International exhibition of gifts and home goods in Kiev.
– “EtnoPosud-2019”. Results of the 3rd All-Ukrainian competition of ceramics.
– Christmasworld, Creativeworld and Paperworld 2019. Messe Frankfurt international exhibitions and Ukrainian exhibitors.
– Ambiente 2019. The world’s largest exhibition of consumer goods in numbers.