PROMAISON №2 (2019)

Dear readers!

We bring to your attention the number of the information and analytical publication PROMaison No. 2 (2019).

Read in this issue:

– Novelties of Ukrainian companies;
– Ukrainian market of metal utensils. Analytics from the heads of SILUMIN, Biol and Brizoll;
– Home textiles. Inspection of the market. Ofitsііna statistics of textile goluzі vіd Asotsіatsiі “Ukrlegprom”;
– Emotions as a gift. Director of Helen Decor LLC on the company’s business strategy and its implementation;
– On the crest of a wave. An overview of new benchmarks for tableware manufacturers as articulated by Ambiente trendsetters and other leading trend forecasting experts;
– Serving Secrets. The interior designer and decorator talks about the rules for arranging dishes on the table, the differences between a festive table setting and everyday trends;
– TOP 6 trends in the branded tableware segment. Retro, origami and other trends included in the shortlist of branded tableware;
– New and old in ceramics. About factors, which are needed for the design of ceramics in industry;
– Matrix of a do-it-yourself shop. Ukrainian architect about the peculiarities of organizing space for do-it-yourself retail;
– Copyright ceramics for export. Roadmap for selling handmade utensils abroad via the Internet;
– Techtextil + Texprocess 2019. Sustainable development and other important topics in the field of textile technology, announced at exhibitions held in May in Frankfurt;
– Heimtextil 2020. About the start of a new preparatory cycle for the largest textile exhibition in Frankfurt.