PROMaison № 3 (2019)

Dear readers!

We bring to your attention the number of the information and analytical publication PROMaison No. 3 (2019). Read in this issue:

  • New items Ukrainian companies;
  • Ukrainian market of artificial fir trees.  Analytics of CEOs “MAG-2000”, “Quasar”, “Shiga Group” and “SPD Kostinyuk”;
  • FISSMAN – dishes a high level.  Familiarity with the world famous brand, whose products successfully implemented in dozens of countries, and which are in demand among Ukrainian consumers;
  • Not dull gifts.  Founder PAPAdesign studio on the philosophy and strategy of development of the company;
  • Occupation “decorator”.  Together with Oksana Motor reflect on the problems and peculiarities of specialty, the understanding of which in Ukraine is still emerging;
  • Eco, ethno and others.  Current trends in interior decor – expert opinion;
  • Course correction.  Christmasworld 2020 – forecasts of European producers of New Year products. 
  • Trends in design of promotional products.  Erasing boundaries between souvenir-gift and advertising production continues;
  • A large retail chain.  Interview with the head of “Deco” Company “Epicenter K”;
  • Promotion via Pinterest.  How to work and promote their products on this platform – says our expert;
  • Festive decorations, stationery and creative.  Announcement of exhibitions Christmasworld, Paperworld and Creativeworld 2020 season.