Overseas Gifts Confirmed Participation in World of Gifts 2020

The company presents a wide selection of gifts and souvenirs. Overseas Gifts are souvenir gift suppliers from Indonesia, India, China, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

On the company’s website you can buy a gift for any occasion: souvenirs for a birthday or corporate party, a thematic gift for Valentine’s Day, March 8, gifts for the New Year.

The company’s product catalog offers all kinds of attributes for self-development, meditation, as well as home accessories, incense, key rings, vases, lighters, blanks for creativity. Overseas gifts will appeal to even the most demanding souvenir buyers and will please you with a low price.

Увидеть полный ассортимент продукции вы сможете 3-5 сентября 2020 года на выставке World of Gifts Trade Show.