The first participant of PROFMeeting: home and professional textiles – “Miroopolsky factory” Vesnyanka “”

Miropolsky factory “Vesnyanka” is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of textile products. The factory is the leader of its squad in Ukraine. It is among the enterprises that have a significant impact on the industry. Fabrics of the factory have an excellent reputation and are in demand in all regions of Ukraine.

Vesnyanka is a company with many years of experience in the field of light industry, namely the creation and tailoring:

  • home and kitchen textiles;
  • bags and backpacks for portable and automotive vehicles;
  • messenger bags, waist bags, travel cosmetic bags, travel bags;
  • covers, bags, organizers, for tools, vests;
  • workwear for various industries;
  • school supplies.

The factory also accepts individual orders. We are convinced that participation in PROFMeeting will help the company further expand its sales network and make useful business contacts.