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Information and analytical B2B edition

PROMaison Magazine  – is a professional information and analytical B2B-edition on the trends and prospects of development of Ukrainian market of gifts, tableware, decoration and design. On the pages of the magazine you will find the latest news of the market, familiar with survey and analytical materials, statistical data, expert forecasts and recommendations.


Exclusive materials, competent analytics and statistics, reliability and relevance of the information.


  • Contribute to the development of Ukrainian market of gifts, tableware, decoration and interior.
  • To acquaint readers with the latest trends and prospects for all market segments.
  • Disclose the problem of the gift and houseware business in Ukraine.
  • Combine market participants in the professional business community with the aim of sharing experiences and knowledge.


PRONovinki. PROKompanii and markets. PROBiznes. PRORiteyl (New). PROPraktikum. EkspertPRO. PROTrendy. PROSobytiya.


  • Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of gifts, tableware, decoration and interior.
  • Representatives of retail chains and specialty stores.
  • Owners and directors of showrooms and design studios, decoration and interior.
  • Industry associations and unions.
  • Online shopping gifts, tableware, decoration and interior.
  • Designers, decorators, florists, etc.

Distribution of the magazine is carried out:

on the basis of subscribers:

  • mailing PROMaison magazine;
  • e-mailing on-line version;
  • mailing list subscribers through subscription agencies.

on the basis of business visitors to the mailing list:

  • specialty shops houseware, gifts, decor and interior items, textiles throughout Ukraine;
  • trade networks, which have departments of gifts, tableware, decoration and interior items, textiles, Christmas products;
  • salons of furniture, decor and interior, design studios;
  • hotels and restaurants in different regions of Ukraine.

at the international specialized exhibitions:

  • tableware Tableware, Gifts World of Gifts, decorations and items Interior Décor, Christmas products Christmas, landscape Outdoor decor;
  • at profile exhibitions ware markets, gifts, decor and interior items, promotional products, textile in Ukraine, CIS countries and abroad.